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Self-Awareness Art to Awaken Authenticity & Humor

Updated: Feb 4

Life is often challenging. Our conditioning can cause us to respond to difficulties by taking things too seriously, ruminating on unsolvable problems, or seeking safety behind a persona. Self-awareness art can nurture more creative, positive, and honest responses to struggle. Selfless Art Gallery's two new exhibitions highlight life-affirming strategies for finding hope, authenticity, and focus.

wHy sO seRiOuS?

In Ron Smits's wHy sO seRiOuS? collection, we are reminded that one reliable way to improve our mood is with a hearty laugh. Humor can lighten our worries, ignite hope, foster connection, and keep things in perspective.

A contorted face of a man

by Ron Smits, $750

Ron obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Camberwell School of Art and has exhibited his artworks at esteemed galleries in London. His work has encompassed cinema, video, illustration, and lighting design. He now lives in the United States and is also a cartoonist for Little Old Lady Comedy. Read more about Ron.

A funny portrait combining two people

by Ron Smits, $1,350

Ron's love of humor is evident in his uncanny portraits. His whimsical art immediately evokes laughter, but it also questions identity, as many of his pieces are combinations of several faces. It questions the concept of "I." Sometimes, it is difficult to stop ruminating on our own sad stories, and Ron helps us take a broader view by challenging these grimly individualistic narratives. If today has been challenging for you, here's your chance to laugh and remember that this, too, shall pass.

Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask

Bogdan Dumitrica brings a different perspective on the self. In his new exhibit, Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask, he prompts us to embrace the counterfeit personas imposed upon us and wield them to unearth our authentic selves.

A mask that looks like turf

by Bogdan Dumitrica, $2,000

Bogdan is an artist based in Los Angeles. He received his Master of Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles, and is the recipient of several awards, including First Prize from the Second City Council Long Beach in 2001. His work has been shown at galleries in Korea, Egypt, Europe, and the United States. Read more about Bogdan.

A mask that looks like spores

by Bogdan Dumitrica, $1,800

Bogdan's pieces ask us to question the personas we adopt in our personal and professional lives. Are they necessary? Are they adaptive? How much do they reflect about who we really are? When and where can we put our masks down and express our true selves?

self awareness art

by Bogdan Dumitrica, $1,800

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