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Composite Portrait - The Artist and Mitch by Ron Smits

  • Artist

    Ron Smits


    Disrupted Self Portrait, 



    Paintings, Oil on canvas
    Size 14 in x 11 in x 1 in
    Price 1200 USD
    Movement Contemporary Art


  • Ron Smits's "wHy sO seRiOuS? Collection" serves as a reminder of the powerful therapeutic nature of laughter. It underscores that there is no better remedy for restoring both our emotional and physical balance.

    Humor has the unique ability to alleviate our concerns, spark hope, foster connection, and help us maintain a composed, focused, and watchful mindset. So, if you've had a tough day, take this opportunity to embrace laughter and find solace in the fact that challenging times are transient, and they too shall pass. Read More

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