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Your boldness, your strength, your resilience cannot be beaten.



Size: 35 H in. x 27 W in.

Weight : 3 lbs.

Material: Acrylic on canvas

Artwork info:  Freedom Collection

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Artwork sold in perfect condition

Artwork location: Mexico

In Luiz’s Freedom Collection, we are reminded that we possess the power to achieve our dreams and soar to new heights

Your boldness, your strength, your resilience cannot be beaten.



"Gray Rhino Frenzy" by Luiz Carlos Chaves Rocha

  • Type Unique work
    Signature Hand-signed by artist

    Sold with certificate of Authenticity from the artist

    Invoice from the gallery

    Medium Painting: acrylic
     Dimensionscm •   inch 35 x 28 x 2 inch Height x Width x Depth


    Painting on canvas without stretcher (shipped in a tube)

    Framing Not framed


  • It's great to hear about Luiz Carlos Chaves Rocha, an emerging abstract artist from Brazil, and his unique style and passion for creating art. Abstract art is a fascinating and diverse field, and artists like Rocha often bring a fresh perspective to the art world. His ability to see the world through abstract shapes and colors indicates a unique way of interpreting and expressing his surroundings.

    Many artists find that their creative drive is an integral part of their identity, and it's a powerful force that motivates them to explore and experiment with different art forms. As he continues to develop his skills and refine his artistic vision, Luiz Carlos Chaves Rocha may contribute to the rich and vibrant world of abstract art in Brazil and beyond. Discovering new talents and watching their artistic journeys unfold is always exciting. Read More

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