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This work pays tribute to abundance and Egyptian mythology, where the sun and the color gold have a deep symbolic meaning to the ancient civilization. Gold was considered the metal of the gods and was believed to have magical and protective properties, representing eternity, royalty and divinity. The sun was considered the supreme symbol of life, rebirth and divine power. It was worshiped as the giver of light and heat, essential for agriculture and life itself. Hector forms the work as an amulet and a powerful symbolic representation that evokes protection and prosperity, as a transmitter of energy through the divine power of the sun and also as a tangible reminder of the importance of the connection with the divine and the transcendence of life. In all its forms, this work highlights the spiritual and cultural importance of these beliefs for the ancient civilization.



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Sun Amulet, 2022

  • Artist

    Hector Maldonado Salinas


    Sun amulet, 2022

    Medium Paintings, Vinyl and wooden stencil
    Size 22 x 28 in. (55.9 x 71.1 cm.)
    Price 2,499 USD 
    Movement Contemporary Art


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