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Ron Smits

Ron Smits obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Camberwell School of Art and subsequently exhibited his artworks at esteemed galleries such as Serpentine and Acme in London. During his time in the vibrant city, he secured multiple grants from renowned institutions like The Arts Council of Great Britain and Greater London Arts. These grants facilitated the creation and presentation of his innovative cinema and video work. Additionally, he was fortunate to receive live/workspace provided by The Arts Council of Great Britain until he decided to relocate to the United States.


Upon his arrival in the United States, Ron transitioned his career towards architectural lighting and subsequently achieved recognition by earning several international design accolades. Furthermore, he embraced the role of a freelance illustrator. After his retirement in 2013, Ron rediscovered his passion for painting and has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to this artistic pursuit almost every day since then. Notably, he also contributes as a cartoonist for Little Old Lady Comedy, an esteemed publication based in NYC.

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