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Bogdan Dumitrica

Bogdan Dumitrica received his Master of Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. He was the recipient of the Art Matters Foundation Grant in 1995 and other awards such as First Prize of the Second City Council Long Beach 2001, Honorable Mention, 1st Biennial of Ceramic, Ichon, Korea (2001), Ink & Clay 25 Purchase Award, Cal Poly Pomona (1999), and First Annual Riviera Fine Arts Center Competition (1994). Dumitrica's works were included in the 1st World Ceramic Biennial 2001 (Ichon, Korea), The Fifth International Biennial of Ceramics (Cairo, Egypt), in solo shows as well as group shows in galleries within the United States and Europe. His works were reviewed in the Los Angeles Times Valley edition.

Currently, he lives and works in Los Angeles.  


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