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(Les Monotypes)

A state of tranquility provides us with inner strength and resilience amid life's chaos. Serenity revolves around maintaining control over our turbulent thoughts and emotions, ensuring that no situation, regardless of its magnitude, excessively troubles us. We can recognize the consequences of releasing our inner turmoil through mindfulness and embracing tranquility. We will seek peaceful methods to handle situations when we grasp the harm we cause by unleashing the brewing storm within us.


Pierre Salvan’s Calm collection offers us a precious opportunity to pause, take a breath, and recall the significance of maintaining composure during moments of despair. His monotypes on paper reveal an exploration of warm colors, where hues like yellow and red ocher take center stage. Pierre imbues his monotypes with a luminous and suggestive atmosphere, fundamentally evoking a profound sense of serenity and tranquility using his profound comprehension of the interplay of light and pigment.

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