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Selfless Art Gallery recently hosted its inaugural pop-up exhibition in Manhattan, New York. Entitled “The Multifaceted Journey Towards Inner Balance and Peace,” the exhibit received enthusiastic acclaim from attendees. This exclusive showcase provided a transformative experience, delving deeply into the intricate stages of self-acceptance through captivating masterpieces.

The Multifaceted Journey Towards Inner Balance and Peace Exhibition

"The Multifaceted Journey Towards Inner Balance and Peace" invited visitors on a profound exploration of the human psyche, revealing the many diverse stages of Self-acceptance in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant display. Each artwork narrates a compelling story—from the turbulent beginnings that lead individuals to introspection to moments of Self-Awareness and ultimate Acceptance. Our esteemed featured artists include multi-award-winning Sunday Olaniyi, philanthropist Hector Maldonado, Boston-based muralist Eli Portman, and visionary Pierre Salvan.

Olaniyi_Sunday_1 (2).jpg
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