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Art for Charity

Selfless Art is working towards actively addressing societal concerns and is committed to making a significant impact by launching a campaign to raise awareness and funds for charitable organizations. Through the sale of showcased artworks, half of the proceeds will be dedicated to the following noble causes. This initiative not only showcases the collective support among artists but also taps into the spirit of unity and empowerment that has emerged during the prevailing mental health crisis. When you acquire artworks through this campaign, a comprehensive set of documents including receipts will be provided to the buyer. These documents will confirm the donation proceeds were made and express gratitude through a personalized 'thank you note.'

Sun Amulet, 2022


Sun and Storm: Weather Coincidences, 2023


Life in the desert (The fox in search of the tuna), 2022


Calm, 2017


Artist's Perspective

"From an early age, philanthropy has been an integral part of my life; since I was a child, my first memories of my mother are of her helping people in need in whatever ways she could; this still holds true today. In this way, with the example she set so candidly, philanthropy has been a topic I always wanted to dedicate myself to at a “larger than life” level. And the opportunity to do so from the world of art is a way to return all the blessings I have received thus far.

The foundations I support are primarily focused on children: children who are cancer survivors, those in marginalized conditions, children with disabilities, and children born in prison, and likewise in support of the United Nations' sustainable development goal (SDG2 - vision 2030) to ensure access to food and guarantee sustainability."

-Hector Salinas

About The Charity

The Royal Holiday Foundation has touched 5,231 marginalized children, 590 with disabilities, and 3,675 from urban and touristic areas. They've aided 67 sight-restored individuals, 157 prison-born children, 103 low-income students, 307 cancer survivors, and 168 children with cancer. With 1,345 volunteers, their transformative work has earned prestigious awards, including the 2018 Palmera de Oro and the 2017 CEMEFI recognition.

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