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Pierre Salvan

Pierre Salvan embarked on a creative journey merging the realms of graphic design and painting following his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Avignon and later in Nancy from 1969 to 1974. In 1998, Pierre's artistic residency in Tunisia proved to be a pivotal moment in his career by igniting his exploration of non-figurative art characterized by a minimalistic approach focusing on the use of lines.


Salvan found inspiration in the breathtaking landscapes of the Mekong River following a transformative trip to Vietnam in 2008. This experience gave birth to a series of artworks that sought to capture the fluidity of the natural surroundings and the serene beauty of the canoes. Pierre's drawings and paintings, imbued with the essence of "haiku," transport the viewer into a suspended universe where gravity seems to dissipate.


In 2009, Salvan collaborated with Eric Martin, providing three original drawings for the publication of an artist's book titled "Et souffle le temps." One of the limited 12 copies, each numbered and signed, was acquired by the Library of Study and Heritage in the city of Grenoble. Salvan's affinity for printmaking materialized in 2017 with the creation of a collection of etchings titled "Des cailloux dans la tête," in collaboration with artist Marie-Christine Béguet. Even today, in his illustrious graphic career, Salvan continues his pursuit of simplicity in his artwork, inviting viewers to perceive and encounter the interplay of transparency, emptiness, and solidity.


Pierre Salvan has a beard and glasses
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