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Discover Self-Awareness Art at Selfless Art Gallery

Updated: Feb 4

Self-awareness art can transform your life. Gallerist Maxine Henry, founder of Selfless Art Gallery, had an enlightening experience she aspired to share with the world. She recognized her message could only be conveyed in an expressive and multifaceted medium like art. That vision is now realized in Selfless Art Gallery, an online gallery that supports personal contemplation. Henry was recently interviewed by Artnet Gallery Network, where she shared the Gallery's mission:

"Through curated collections of abstract, contemporary, and representational art, Selfless Art strives to provide individuals with the self-acceptance necessary to learn what it means to live, exist, and be present, thereby improving their mental health."

Positive art can foster self-awareness and self-acceptance, which are vital to mental health.

Representational art of a head
Moopsi, Untitled (2023).

Selfless Art Gallery's Collections Challenge Your Self-Perceptions through Self-Awareness Art

Everyone is in the process of discovering their True Identity. The collection entitled Reflection, currently in the Online Viewing Room, brings together art that simultaneously highlights the anxiety of existence and the beauty of being in the moment. Negative thoughts can obscure an individual's innate happiness, but art can be a tool to bring clarity and connect with our inner world, our source of peace.

Abstract art in vibrant colors

The Mind Creates Chaos, While the Heart Brings Stillness

Grappling with negative thoughts is also highlighted in the exhibit Your Mind Is Not Your Friend. The exhibit examines the chaos created by our thoughts:

"Our minds dwell on the impossible, the unpredictable, and the never-ending."
Surrealist art of a head that's also a cardboard box, with steam rising out of it.

Selfless Art challenges viewers to stop focusing on ill-intentioned thoughts and instead seek the Heart, the source of absolute peace. The exhibit emphasizes that,

"When you rest your mind in your heart, you feel a joy and a bliss that overwhelms you, and you will Know. Surrender your mind to your Heart, and you will feel it."

View the exhibit to engage with works from Nadezhda Moryak and other artists that will help you confront thoughts that are not serving you, such as shame, guilt, and worry. Art gives people hope that it is possible to reorient, transform, and become more heart-centered.

Explore Self-Awareness Art

Selfless Art Gallery also represents original, unique artists who embrace a broad, diverse, multicultural, or global perspective in their work, as well as those who promote Self-awareness and self-acceptance. If you or someone you know is an artist seeking to make a positive impact, please fill out our submission form. We are building a community dedicated to lifting one another up and exploring unity in diversity.

Selfless Art tote bag

If you draw inspiration from our art, you will soon be able to support and engage with our message and brand in a new way! The Selfless Art "Merch Launch" is almost here, and will include tote bags, mugs, and more on our website for purchase.


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