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Downs' Shining Brilliance: Illuminate Life with Vibrant Inspiration

Updated: Apr 15

Downs is not your average artist. With over 40 years of experience under his belt, he is a seasoned artist whose vibrant works encapsulate the essence of modern-day life while evoking a sense of raw energy and emotion. Mentored by acclaimed painters Karl Benjamin and Frederick Hammersley in the 1980s, Downs learned the importance of staying true to his artistic vision.

His goal? To create art that reflects the complexities of modern-day life.

Downs' creative process is as unique as his artwork - he layers spontaneous random marks, sometimes completely obscuring them, to reveal varying depths of color and emotion; then, through the meticulous reworking of surfaces, he constructs spaces that expand and contract, communicating shifting moods.

"Conversations in the abstract" #116

Size: 36"x36"

Acrylic on canvas

Living in New York City during the gritty 1970s, Downs experienced palpable fear and anxiety, emotions that found their way onto his canvas. In his "Manhattan Series," Downs recalls the intense emotions of fear, crime, and urban decay prevalent in 1970s New York, seeking to recreate that tension, movement, and color on his canvas.

"Conversations in the abstract" #117

Size: 36"x36"

Acrylic on canvas

In his current series, "Conversations In The Abstract," Downs delves into a more introspective realm. Inspired by a stroke he experienced in 2015, Downs translates his abstract thoughts into vibrant paintings that convey the aesthetics of his experiences in a positive light. These visual conversations are a collision of shapes and colors, creating a sense of visual and emotional tension that animates the canvas.

"Conversations in the abstract" # 109

Size: 36"x48"

Acrylic on canvas

Downs’ works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, sharing space with renowned artists like Andre Miripolsky, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Karl Benjamin. From his early beginnings to his latest creations, Downs' paintings are a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.


Experience the inspiring journey of Downs' artistic evolution firsthand by exploring his vibrant and emotionally charged works on our website, discover the essence of modern-day life through the lens of his unique vision.


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