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This work is an analogy of Hector's life experience as it highlights the importance of intelligence and adaptability in the face of dangers in a challenging environment such as daily life in the desert. On the one hand, the fox represents cunning and wisdom. It is agile, fast and has an adaptive intelligence. The fox uses his cunning personality to survive in the desert, taking advantage of his sharpness to hunt and avoid predators. He is known for his ability to find creative solutions to the challenges he is faced with, and his cunning personality allows him to overcome obstacles and adapt to changes in the environment. While the centipede symbolizes obstacles and threats that can arise unexpectedly. It is a reminder that even in a seemingly desolate environment, there may be hidden dangers and deadly obstacles. On the other hand, the prickly pear is a cactus that grows in the extreme conditions of the arid desert. Their ability to survive and thrive in a hostile environment symbolizes resistance and strength in the midst of adversity. It represents the ability to find ways to adapt and overcome difficulties.


The prickly pears produce colorful flowers and fruits in the middle of the desert, which symbolizes rebirth and growth in adverse circumstances. They represent the ability to find beauty and opportunity even in the most difficult times. The prickly pears are a symbol of hope and renewal. The Work "Life in the desert" highlights the importance of cunning and adaptability in facing challenges and overcoming the dangers of a hostile environment. It is a reminder that intelligence can be a valuable tool for survival and success, even in seemingly unfavorable situations.

Life in the desert (The fox in search of the tuna) 2022

  • Artist

    Hector Maldonado Salinas


    Life in the desert (The fox in search of the tuna), 

    Medium Paintings, Oil, vinyl, acrylic and watercolor on wood
    Size 24 x 24 in. (61 x 61 cm.)
    Price 1,799 USD 


    Contemporary Art