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Founded in New York City in 2022, Selfless Art Gallery aims to cultivate self-awareness through curated collections - of - abstract, contemporary, - and representational art. We are proud to represent some of the - most - impactful and powerful abstract and contemporary artists in the world. It is our mission to remind all individuals that everything they seek lies within themsleves. The online exhibitions held through Selfless Art will challenge individuals' perception of who they are and what their identity is.

self awareness art


Selfless Art provides individuals with opportunities of self acceptance necessary in order to learn what it means to live, exist, - and be present. This practice strives to improves each viewer's mental health through curated online collections - of - abstract, contemporary, and representational art. Artworks sold through Selfless Art serves as aspirational reminders to stay present in the moment and not to succumb to negative thoughts.

self awareness art


To embody forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and a higher sense of - purpose, in order to make a positive impact on those around us.

self awareness art
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